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The Struggle of Being Gay in Albania

arfafgeg Up until the mid 90’s, if you’re openly gay in Albania you’ll be sent to prison. Our greek colleagues travelled to Albania and met with homosexuals who’ve suffered from bigotry and violence as a part of life in one of the Europe’s most homophobic countries. This is “Gay Albania”. I was starting this in…

By Stanley Isaacs December 8, 2019 100

The Inmate Teaching Finance Behind Bars

(melodic piano music) – [Wall Street] We gonna go ahead and get situated. This is the finance program, and we always like to see new faces. – [Rahsaan] When you come to Wall Street’s financial literacy class, you’re gonna see people with tattoos and dreds, and just people you normally wouldn’t expect to see learning…

By Stanley Isaacs December 6, 2019 100