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The Harvard of Santa Schools

(whimsical music) – These Santas are all really kids at heart. They like the fun and laughter that comes with it, and making people happy; that’s why we’re here. If you ask ’em why their Santa, most of ’em will tell you because they enjoyed being a child, so they’re going back to that. They’re…

By Stanley Isaacs January 13, 2020 100

Teachers and Principals Talk about Google Docs

>>BRUMBAUGH: The biggest thing with Docs is that it’s accessible 24/7-365.>>DAVIS: All my Docs are right there, no matter what machine or what station I’m on.>>LEVY: We’re able to incorporate and integrate the Google apps and the Google Docs into pretty much everything we do in the school.>>HEUMANN: Google Docs has really given my students…

By Stanley Isaacs December 17, 2019 18