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Teaching Inclusively at Iowa State University

Teaching Inclusively at Iowa State University Whether you teach a class in college of design, liberal arts and sciences, ag life and sciences, vet med, engineering, or human sciences, there are enhancements you can make to your teaching approach to create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all your students. In this presentation, we…

By Stanley Isaacs March 3, 2020 0

Teaching for All: mainstreaming inclusive education in South Africa

In South Africa, many children are marginalised due to a web of intersecting barriers to learning and participation that make them vulnerable to educational, societal and economic exclusion. Some children are denied access or drop out, while many more pass through the school system with learning difficulties and other barriers unrecognised and unsupported. So learners…

By Stanley Isaacs January 13, 2020 2

Graduate Engineering Engagement Programme

The Engineering Engagement Programme is a key part of our diversity and inclusion programme – a programme that we’ve set up to increase diversity and inclusion right across engineering. What it does is it responds to and supports the need for more students, more engineering graduates, to transition from engineering education into engineering employment. So…

By Stanley Isaacs January 3, 2020 0