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Why North Texas? College of Engineering Video Viewbook | in Thai with English subtitles

Discovery Park, located at the University of North Texas, is the home of the College of Engineering. With programs certified by ABET accreditation, impressive research equipment, clean facilities, and hands-on undergraduate research. This makes UNT’s College of Engineering one of the fastest growing programs in the US. The facility also features: Convenient coffee shops, study…

By Stanley Isaacs November 5, 2019 0

The Demonic Goatman’s Bridge

– [Ryan] Dude, I’m, (chuckles nervously) I’m so nervous. – [Shane] How can you be nervous with a beautiful sunset like that? – [Ryan] Because I know what’s underneath it. – [Shane] Nighttime, darkness. – [Ryan] Demons. (spooky music) I hate demons. – [Shane] Hey, it’s the bridge. – [Ryan] Yeah, I can see that.…

By Stanley Isaacs October 12, 2019 100

UNT State of the University 2018

Good afternoon. Thank you all for coming. I’m Sheri Broyles, chair of the Faculty Senate. On behalf of the Faculty Senate leadership, which includes Denise Catalano, our vice chair; Kevin Yanowski, our secretary; and the rest of the executive leadership committee, we’re excited to welcome you to the 2018 State of the University. We’re joined…

By Stanley Isaacs August 26, 2019 3