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Study in Melbourne (Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Spanish and Thai subtitles)

مرحبًا بكم في ملبورن مقر جامعة فيكتوريا المُصنفة ضمن أفضل 2% من الجامعات العالمية* اكتشف أكثرالمدن العالمية نبضًا بالحياة حرم Footscray حرم City Flinders حرم St Albans حرم City Queen مُصنفة كأفضل ثاني مدينة للطلاب في العالم العاصمة الرياضية لأستراليا مركز احتفالات مفعم بالحياة تمتع بتجربة الثقافة والفنون العالمية حياة جامعية ممتعة المئات من البرامج…

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Studying in the U.S. — Life on the Campus

(music playing) CHRISTINA SEYFRIED: Hi guys. I’m back again. Today, I’m going to talk about life on campus. Living on campus is an essential part of your whole academic experience. Students live together, study together, and eat together. So this creates a whole unique environment to share intellectual thought, but also just to have fun.…

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Oxford’s colleges

Oxford’s one university, right? So, what’s all this about colleges? Well, as well as over 70 academic departments Oxford University is actually made up of dozens of collections of buildings known as ‘colleges’ They’ve been around for a long, long while and some colleges are old – very old University College, for example, was established…

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