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Machine Learning – Unsupervised Learning – Density Based Clustering

Hello! In this video, we’ll be covering density-based clustering. Density-based clustering is also known as DBSCAN or Density-Based Spatial Clustering of Applications with Noise It works by defining a cluster as the maximal set of density-connected points. There are two parameters that are taken into account, epsilon (and minimum points Epsilon is the maximum radius…

By Stanley Isaacs December 31, 2019 5

Master of Pharmacy (Graduate Entry) at Curtin

Curtin University’s Master of Pharmacy is a graduate entry degree. It’s for students who have a bachelor degree in something else, maybe a Bachelor of Science, and it provides them a professional qualification to become a pharmacist who can practice in Australia. When I discovered that doing a postgrad in pharmacy at Curtin was only…

By Stanley Isaacs December 23, 2019 2

Machine Learning – Dimensionality Reduction – Feature Extraction & Selection

Hello! Welcome to Dimensionality Reduction using feature extraction and feature selection Dimensionality Reduction is the process of reducing the number of variables/features in review. Dimensionality Reduction can be divided into two subcategories called Feature Selection which includes Wrappers, Filters, and Embedded. And Feature Extraction which includes Principle Components Analysis. So how exactly does Dimensionality Reduction…

By Stanley Isaacs December 19, 2019 6