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Top 5 Myths about Community College

Top 5 Community College Myths Myth 1: Community College is for people who can’t get into a university. False! Community College students tend to have higher GPAs than their university counterparts. — American Educational Research Association and Sage Publications, 20114 “The Community College Route to the Bachelor’s Degree” Community college transfer students maintain a higher…

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International Students

This experience, it will stay with you forever you will not forget it I love the people here, they are so nice they open their houses and they make you like a family member and that’s so great. You can’t find people like that everywhere and but you can find them in Muscatine Meeting people,…

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Does Your School Matter?

We’re all told to work hard in school, so that we can get into the best colleges or universities, and be successful. But, does the school you choose actually matter? Take a look at these SAT scores for an average school – which are out of 800, by the way. Those that have the highest…

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