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SMG4: Mario University

Glitchy Boy Productions Presents… IN SPONSOR WITH SMG4 One day… at a university A Very long speech that’s GABAGE.. WAIT… MEMEOLOGY? HECK YEAH! Mario: Woah! *Italian Gibberish* Ooh hoo hoo! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Luigi: Mama mia… Ohhhhh… Toad is disappointed. *Victory* *crickets* SMG4: Lika a Sambody! SMG4:That’s-a so much monay! HOLY SHIT!!! OOOOOOOOOhhhh! Well…

By Stanley Isaacs November 5, 2019 100

Season 2 Premiere! | Foursome S2 | Episode 1

(chiming) – [Andie] Last season on Foursome. You learned that a foursome doesn’t always involve sex. Okay, my group of friends, it kind of does. There’s Imogen. We’re next door neighbors and this is her first year of public school. She’s adjusting. Courtney, my brother’s girlfriend. She shouldn’t even be here. She graduated last year…

By Stanley Isaacs October 27, 2019 100