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What Is College Life Really Like?

So, what’s college really like? Let’s start with this… When you go to college your days get a lot more busy. You balance going to class, doing homework, studying, hanging with friends, getting enough sleep, exercising, eating right, working, and being involved. That’s a whole lot, but don’t worry. Finding balance is always challenging, and…

By Stanley Isaacs February 7, 2020 3

VLOG | An Ode to Graduating Early

(soft music) – [Andrea] Three and a half years, the time it took me to graduate college. I think about this accomplishment and reminisce about how I once thought this day would never come. How I had once thought that it seemed so far away. There were and still are moments of fear, happiness, excitement,…

By Stanley Isaacs December 30, 2019 0

A Day in the Life of a Student on TEXAS FOOTBALL Gameday | Saturdaze

(Dez) – What’s up, everybody? You’re probably wondering, “Where’s George?”. Is this even a coiski video? Don’t worry. George is still around. This is still a coiski video series. I’m Dez. I’m the host of your new favorite YouTube show, “Saturdaze” “Saturdaze” gives you the student point-of-view of your favorite universities on a Saturday. So…

By Stanley Isaacs December 13, 2019 100