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Learning Strategies: Discuss the Strategy

Teacher: We have POW, right? And we’re going to learn a trick for “Organize our notes.” And this is for stories, and it’s called “WWW, What=2, How=2.” So first I’ll tell you the three Ws. “Who is the main character?” What’s a character? Victor? Victor: Somebody in the story. Teacher: Somebody in the story. Katie,…

By Stanley Isaacs February 21, 2020 0

Learning Strategies: Support the Strategy

Teacher: So who’s my main character going to be on my family trip? Student: Fast guy driving. Class: (Laughter) Teacher: I’m going to put “guy driving.” So do you notice I don’t write complete sentences? These are just my thoughts, ’cause when I write and say more, that’s going to be everything. So these are…

By Stanley Isaacs February 17, 2020 0