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Inside Active Learning Classrooms

[music playing] What I first thought was, “Wow this is really cool, this isn’t like any classroom I’ve ever had before.” When the students first walk into this classroom it sends the message right away that this is not business as usual. You walk and in there are these beautiful round tables and you instantly…

By Stanley Isaacs December 1, 2019 8

Nursing Program at Mount Aloysius College (Extended Version) – Excellence in Nursing

[Nicole Custer] my name is Nicole Custer I’m an instructor of nursing at Mount Aloysius. [Patricia Meintel] my name’s Patricia Meintel. I’m a nursing instructor at Mount Aloysius and also an alumnus of Mount Aloysius nursing program. [Nicole Custer] The outlook for nursing and in the the upcoming years is wonderful for students. [Patricia Meintel]…

By Stanley Isaacs November 26, 2019 0