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Graduation Petition

Hello, this is Michael Goldman Dean of Student Services at West Los Angeles College, and I’m here today to talk to you about graduation If you go to our homepage WLAC edu, and you click services and resources you can visit our graduation and evaluation homepage You can click that link Okay, and now you…

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How to Become an International Student at COA

[soft music] Over one hundred twenty students from 28 different countries attend College of The Albemarle’s four campus locations. While the majority of international students attend the Dare campus, there are international students at every campus of COA. These international students bring unique experience and add much valued cultural diversity to COA. But how do…

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Undocumented Student Resources | De Anza College

(soft music plays) It’s not easy being an undocumented student, but at De Anza College there’s help available. If you or anyone in your family’s interested in going to college, the De Anza Outreach office has the answers for you. When it’s time to register, Admissions and Records can help most undocumented students qualify for…

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Mole Lake Graduation 2018

Music Playing Management is business, while leadership is cultural. Another one says, “Follow who you believe in, and follow what you believe in.” Management is procedural, leadership is ethical. Management is about preservation, leadership is morality. Management is directing, leading by example. Music playing

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