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[Confederation College] At Graduation: Where are International Students Going? (ENG Subs)

I’m from India From Russia Vietnam South Korea From China Vietnam From Milan, Italy I’m from East Africa, Uganda. Film Production Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering Technologist Culinary Business Marketing Human Resource Management I would really highly recommend Confederation College and the quality if somebody wanted to study here. I like the college for constant support. The…

By Stanley Isaacs December 22, 2019 0

Deep Learning of Representations

YOSHUA BENGIO: [INAUDIBLE]. Thank you [INAUDIBLE]. So I’ll talk about [INAUDIBLE]. I’ll talk about representations and learning representations. And the word deep here, I’ll explain what it means. So my goal is to contribute to building intelligent machines, also known as AI. And how do we get a machine to be smart– to take good…

By Stanley Isaacs December 19, 2019 0

Inclusion 2.0: Teaching to Diversity

Welcome to Five Moore Minutes! Useful videos in five minutes or less that support the teaching and learning of all students. I’m your host Shelley Moore, and today’s topic is Inclusion 2.0! Okay friends you remember the evolution of inclusion? Did you think it was finished?! Oh no no no! Let me tell you! Because…

By Stanley Isaacs December 18, 2019 7