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My primary school graduation #1

Remember to like, share and subscribe. Welcome Tran Nhat Duat Campus class 5/1 Welcome Thai Van Lung Campus class 5/2 Welcome Tran Nhat Duat Campus class 5/2 My 5th grade class teacher: Mrs.Lam Artist A forward and a defender. Dumpling.(lol)🥟🥟🥟 The 2 keepers. Artist(a) Multiplayer A Thai and also my neighbor. A guy with an…

By Stanley Isaacs January 12, 2020 6

Wake Tech: How to Dress for Graduation

Congratulations, graduate! YOU did it! You’ve earned your degree! All that hard work has paid off! You’ve picked up your cap and gown, and you’re ready to take that all-important walk across the stage on graduation day. What’s that? You don’t know how to put them on, or what they’re supposed to look like? No…

By Stanley Isaacs December 28, 2019 0