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My Ants Are Learning

Oh man! My Yellow Crazy Ants are showing some alarming signs of learning, and I’m not sure what to make of it! Behold the Hacienda Del Dorado, the massive terrarium and home of our yellow crazy ants, a colony you have voted to be called the Golden Empire. Initially, I knew ants were intelligent creatures,…

By Stanley Isaacs January 29, 2020 100

NASA Student Airborne Research Program 2015

Music Thomas Mazzetti: Flying on the DC-8 is a once in a lifetime opportunity, especially for an undergraduate student. Thomas Mazzetti: Getting to go on a NASA mission, in an airplane, with NASA scientists, and you kinda become an unofficial NASA scientist in the process. Narrator: It’s a research mission like no other. With student…

By Stanley Isaacs January 8, 2020 0

A.C. Grayling: “Teach the Controversy”

[peaceful music] A.C. Grayling: It’s sometimes argued that in educating people, school and university level, they ought to be aware of the fact that there are differences of opinion, that there are controversies about things. Take, for example, biological evolution, and in the United States– America and some other places in the world too– there…

By Stanley Isaacs December 27, 2019 100