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Top 5 Colleges 2014!

>>William: Learning. College. Higher education. These three things can take you from being just a boy, to a man. Like me, I’m William Haynes and you’re watching SourceFed. [INTRO]>>Wilbur: If I’ve learned anything about my time in college, freshman students are kind of like a new pair of earphones. If you don’t pay enough attention…

By Stanley Isaacs August 20, 2019 100

Teaching methods of the WUR | WURtube

Hello I’m Leon and in today’s video I’m gonna show you guys all about the different teaching methods that are used here at Wageningen University and Research. Like every University, we’re equipped with multiple lectures every week. However, besides lectures there are many other things that are used here. For example, we have group work…

By Stanley Isaacs August 16, 2019 1