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Big Questions Ep. 31: Pepperdine

(upbeat music) – What’s the best thing about Pepperdine? – I’ve gotta say Starbucks. – Sure, sure. Of all the things? – Yeah. – I think the best thing about Pepperdine is the people. They just have an amazing community here and everyone’s really genuine. – Probably the people and the location. – You’re able…

By Stanley Isaacs October 15, 2019 39

Big Questions Ep. 41: Georgetown University

(upbeat instrumental music) – I’m Sam Clark with Crimson Education and we’re here at Georgetown University to ask some big questions. That’s Geor, no, John Carroll. That’s not Georgetown. That’s the name of, that’s where we are. (upbeat instrumental music) First question. What is the best thing about Georgetown? – Probably the location, just being…

By Stanley Isaacs September 15, 2019 0

Top 6 Education Schools in the World

– Hey there, I’m Justin from Crimson Education. Thank you so much for watching our video. I just want to quickly remind you to hit that subscribe button, if you haven’t already, so that you get notifications every time we publish a new video, and also to click the link in the description below so…

By Stanley Isaacs September 8, 2019 0