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State of the Division 2019, Closing

– For the last time today, I’ll be introducing, again, our fearless leader. Our vice chancellor for the division of Student Affairs, (warm rock music) Steve Sutton. So give him, let’s give him a round of applause, get the energy up! (“Beautiful Day” by U2) ♪ Sky falls, you feel like ♪ – A little…

By Stanley Isaacs October 23, 2019 0

Maz Jobrani Delivers UC Berkeley Commencement Keynote Speech

– Wow, Chancellor, faculty, staff, parents, students and Ann Coulter, welcome to the graduation ceremonies of UC Berkeley, 2017! (audience applauding and cheering) I’m kidding she’s not here, don’t worry, don’t worry, she’s not here. (audience laughing) but maybe she’s watching, maybe she’s watching live streaming, hey Ann, they let me speak. Ha ha! (audience…

By Stanley Isaacs October 23, 2019 39