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Applying for student finance 2018/19

If you’re thinking about going to uni or college, follow these easy steps to make sure you get your money in time for the start of your course. 1. Get ready to apply To complete your application, you’ll need your passport, National Insurance number and bank details – so make sure you have these to…

By Stanley Isaacs January 24, 2020 0

The Actual REAL Ways Kids Get into Harvard

Here are the actual factors Harvard admissions officers look for! And no, the biggest factor actually ISN’T having your parents donating to the university! 9 – Legacy Status Having parents who went to Harvard DRAMATICALLY increases your chances of getting in. But that’s something Harvard and other Ivy League universities are less than willing to…

By Stanley Isaacs December 25, 2019 0


Well I did geography at university, however I have particular skills such as presentation skills, I felt that was very important, time-management skills, I worked in a team a lot as well. I did quite a lot of statistics and data analysis, which is definitely something in a financial services company, is definitely useful to…

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