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Graduate Education at Scranton

♪ So in thinking about why I chose to come to Scranton. I wrote three words – community, experience and support. Reputation. ♪ *laughing* So the first thing I wrote was Jesuit values. Just educating the whole person … I just really wanted that in my grad program as well. When I went to the…

By Stanley Isaacs December 16, 2019 0

UWA Graduate: Ben Pronk

So, my name’s Ben, I finished the full-time MBA in December last year and in the couple of months since then I’ve set up a consultancy with an ex-colleague, largely focussed on the security and risk space, doing a lot of work in business continuity, but really with the ability to engage across a broad…

By Stanley Isaacs December 16, 2019 0

Measuring Active Learning in Classrooms

[ Music ]>>My name is Marco Molinaro, and I am the Assistant Vice Provost for Educational Effectiveness at UC Davis. GORP stands for Generalized Observation and Reflection Protocol. The basic premise of the tool is to help you understand what’s happening in a learning environment. We know that instruction happens in many different ways. It…

By Stanley Isaacs December 16, 2019 0