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Michigan State and holding college leaders accountable | IN 60 SECONDS

In 2018, Michigan State’s ex-president, Lou Anna Simon, was forced from office after the horrific Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal. Then, the university handed Simon a sweetheart retirement deal. Simon’s failure to address a documented and long-standing pattern of criminal abuse was apparently not cause enough to trim the cords of her golden parachute. Unfortunately,…

By Stanley Isaacs October 10, 2019 3

Free speech on campus: Can it be saved? | WHAT IF?

In recent years, the foundational values of free speech and open inquiry have increasingly come under assault at America’s colleges and universities. Limits on speech and expression have become ingrained in campus culture, largely due to super-sized campus policies intended to regulate conduct. Beyond a simple free speech issue, this type of censorship affects the…

By Stanley Isaacs August 26, 2019 30