Swindled Students Awarded Millions From For Profit Colleges

August 23, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Career Education Corporation is one of
the leading up corporations it’s an umbrella under
which many for-profit colleges exist recently they have agreed to a
settlement with the state of New York and that settlement is the largest
settlement a for-profit colleges ever paid its ten million dollars the reason why they did that is because
%uh they were being sued by the District Attorney I’m sorry up the
Attorney General in New York at four misleading recruiting practices
they were basically telling students that the job placement was much higher
than it really was in fact the settlement claims the company advertised
job placement rates a 55 percent to eighty percent added schools in New York
when the placement rates were actually 24 percent to 64 percent so what would
happen what what would happen was that students
would goin’ they would be told are you to graduate any look at this we
place you want a great job you’re gonna make great money it’s going to be awesome right they were alive so the
students would take out a student loan debt thinking him getting a quality
education often times a week in education
something that wouldn’t even allow them to go get testing for licensing in the
field that they wanted to be in and then they were stuck they wouldn’t
get a job and you are not be considered a gainful employment if someone went to a career fair that
lasted one day I I’ll check we’re done with you so I love I love the state of New York
went after them they have admitted no wrongdoing
remember they were not found guilty they decided to settle but again that settlement was about ten
million dollars 9.5 million of which will go to a fund to reimburse students so I love that okay so
listening to everything they did this in so many different I’m States but only New York went after
them and it turns out that if you actually go
after people who are committing fraud war ribbon of students
this era that you can get people their money back
wow in novel idea actually standing up for the citizens you’re supposed to
represent great credit to Eric Schneiderman in this case attorney
general he was a guy fighting the banks the
first place got Cooper a little bit by the Obama administration I think he realized it was a mistake
right in that category but here he is in a different category again this is the proud tradition
release mister who was Attorney General in New York who would go after these guys to make
sure they’re actually delivering for consumers in this case 9.25 actually million dollars going back to the
students how great is that that’s terrific morse they should do it
I i love it and I wish I wish that there was like
some sort of federal legislation that would make sure that these types of
unlawful practices did not continue because remember %uh the Obama
administration is pushing for gainful employment I’m and these were very strict standards
that would insure that these for-profit colleges would have to prove gainful
employment other students but of course the for-profit lobby got
in there and the ended up passing a very watered
down version of that so I don’t like these abuses especially up
you know toward our veterans because a lot of
veterans I get targeted by these for-profit
colleges because they have federal money that they can spend on education want one super last thing they’re look
fella governing this case is tremendous leverage so new yorkers using whatever leverage
they can look at the results say it right in federal level these for-profit
colleges the whole scam is to get federal money if they cut off
the federal money they’re done for right because ninety percent of the
revenue comes from federal loans to the sous and so this ideas you’ll or
the students in you don’t always get along according to employees only it’s gonna
be terrific the thing that drove me crazy in one part that they at total lie to the kids about
what’s one thing to say hey listen I’m coming to get you a job site getting
get your job so I think that they would say oh you’re gonna be licensed for this
field and they will be able to work in that field once you graduate or that
they were lying about that in some other feels your licensed at all
and then go on to bigger can we get a job in like no you’re not you’re a
places like what I just spent all this money in time at the school to get iraq okay that’s unbelievable so at the
federal level if all you have to do is say all if you
do that if you do that licensing trick as an example you’re done for you don’t
get any more federal money do you have any idea how quickly they
fix that okay but the money they got from the
federal government loans they then turn around and use to by the same federal politicians in our
legalized corruption who they let him get away with it