SUB)세련된 가르마 동안 여자숏컷 how to cut short round graduation cut 숏컷여자 리프컷 ㅎㅓ쉬컷 | 마스터콴

November 16, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

welcome to master kwan channel i’m going to show you one of korean trend short hairstyle please enjoy my haircut take ear to ear section and back section as shown take horizontal section and cut square outline use same section and follow head shape when reach to ear top stop elevation cut graduation same cutting way until crown area last section little bit down to keep the weight cutting exactly same way other side check the balance behind ear take horizontal section from temple to crown take diagonal section backward cut a round grauduation as shown when cut graduation it starts high elevation cutting exactly same way until horizontal section take diagonal section and eleavate down to last section build up weight until top area when cut side back still disconnect to side isolate back area and cut other side exactly the same important to make sure of balance take triangular section cut a long fringe which disconnect side for movement cut a layer on top of fringe finish blunt cut start texturizing and refining use pointing technique follow cutting section use vertical slicing technique nape and hair line it’s good for softening outline using tip of scissors to dust of ends using tip of scissors to refine outline round conrer is good for slim legline soft slice to fringe make movement other side also use a lot of freehand technique after refine, feel the texture and movement start blow dry use roll brush blow dry, make root volume and soft sweep back finish this is finish result of korean ‘garma’ shortcut. thank you so much for watching today i hope it was helpful! see you in my next video!