Studying in the US: College Community

October 5, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Alex Tapp, Georgetown University. I wouldn’t
want to pick exactly one but just generally interacting with US students, living on campus,
going to college basketball games, going to parties, doing all sorts of…and basically
travelling around. The couple of big differences are firstly that almost every student lives
on campus in the States, they all live and eat together in one dining room so there’s
a real campus atmosphere, and also the classes I took, they were all really small, only 15
people per class so you had a much greater interaction with your teacher and fellow students.
I’d recommend studying in the US because firstly, America is a fantastic country, you get the
opportunity to travel all around, all around the place, see beautiful cities, like New
Orleans, San Francisco, but also Americans are really friendly people, the universities
themselves are absolutely incredible, and you really get this campus college spirit
that comes out, especially at sporting events and general social life, which is an experience
that you can’t really get here in Australia.