Study in USA: How to Apply to College for Free?

August 23, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Sorry for the clickbait thumbnail Technically this video could help you to apply to universities in the US for free like if you used all the tips But realistically speaking, even if it doesn’t help you to apply to universities for free It will definitely save you loads of money if you use some of the tips that I’ve mentioned Today is part two to the video series About the cost of applying to colleges in the United States and in today’s video I’m going to talk about how to reduce the cost of applying to colleges in the US the first video was about The actual cost of applying to college in the US and I broke down the costs like the cost of taking the standardised testing , the cost of sending the test scores to colleges The cost of applying for financial aid the cost of applying to universities and more you can check that video out On my youtube channel, it’s the third* latest video in a previous video We came to the conclusion that applying to around 8 to 10 universities in the US would cost around eleven hundred fifteen hundred dollars So in today’s video we’re going to talk about how to reduce that high cost I’m sorry, if I don’t sound too excited for this video, but the thing is that it’s really late So I’m trying my best to be as quiet as possible The first cost are more discussed today with applying to college in the u.s Is the cost of standardized testing which basically means that the fee you pay to take either the SAT exam or the SAT exam? so you can’t really get out of paying for these as The SAT which is administered by the College Board. They do not give any fee waivers So you have to pay for the exam if you want to take it, especially if you are an international like if you’re u.s Citizen there are still ways to get the fee waived But as an international student, you have to pay the fees and the same goes for the ACT you have to pay the fees if you want to take the exam the only way that you can actually get out of taking the SAT or ACT is by applying to Universities that do not require the SAT or the ACT exam and to help you with that I’ve attached a link in the description to an article that has a list of around 250 universities that do not require the SAT or the ACT but the thing with that is that These universities might not always have the program that you want to or the financial aid that you need So I would always recommend finding a way to pay to take the SAT or the a CT because it would be really helpful. If you apply to these universities that do not require the SAT/ACT* Then you could end up saving around $200 and that is if you are applying to eight colleges I say $200 because the test costs 120 dollars and You pay money to send the test score to each college. So that would cost you around 80 dollars more. So that’s 200 dollars that you’re saving in total by not taking the exam. but once again, I would highly encourage you to consider taking either the SAT or the ACT as Taking these tests and getting a good score makes you eligible for many scholarships and the value of these scholarships could out value the amount that you spend on taking the test by a big amount and Basically, it could see if you are all money in the future. So I would recommend taking the test Now coming to the other part of standardized testing which is the standardized testing for English proficiency Which is basically either the TOEFL exam or the IELTS exam so once again It is not possible to directly get a waiver from the TOEFL or the IELTS to give the exam that means you can’t approach the TOEFL or the IELTS Organization to give you a fee waiver, but what you can do is email universities that you’re applying to and Explain your situation to them tell them that it’s really expensive for you the exam costs around $200 and the thing is that some of some universities have Vouchers that they can give to students that apply to their university so you could request the University for one of the vouchers or to give you a fee be able to take these tests and This could end up saving you around 250 dollars because you wouldn’t need to take the TOEFL IELTS I mean you would need to take the exam But you wouldn’t need to pay for the exam and you won’t even need to pay for sending the TOEFL IELTS course, actually, I’m not sure about that, but it would end up saving you at least $200 and $200 is a huge amount like it might sound small $200 but it’s 14,000 rupees and you could easily save that money By making that effort to email colleges and request them to give you a fee waiver or a voucher for the TOEFL or IELTS. So another small cost that again is associated with standardised testing is the cost of learning resources like books or Going for class or something. So you could avoid this cost altogether with a few methods – One is you could go to your local library and check if they have books for the SAT/ACT/TOEFL/IELTS you could Go to your school library if your school has a library then again There’s a lot of free material available online. Like it’s actually insane how much free stuff is out there that lets you study Well and gives you good information like for the SAT I know that this Khan Academy like the taya and you can do a free SAT course on Khan Academy. I’ve done it myself I think it’s really good. I didn’t buy any mine and go for any classes for the SAT. I did self-study I mean, I did buy one book But besides there was all self-study and the Khan Academy resources it I’m putting that link in the description I would highly encourage you to use Khan Academy if you are If you are going planning on giving the SAT and also If you are not going to make use of the whole course on Khan Academy at least make make use of the practice tests They have for free back practice tests, and those are really helpful Also, you could save money if you buy second-hand books, but the only problem with second-hand books is that they’re good But sometimes when people use the books They’ve already made used of the practice tests in the standardized testing books So that defeats the purpose of buying the book because you can’t practice a test like a whole test by yourself Okay, now coming to one of the biggest costs in the college application process and that is the application fees So on average each college application fee would be around $60 and you will be applying to around 8 to 10 colleges So the application fees would cost you around five hundred to six hundred dollars in total Now this is one of the biggest and easiest places where you can save money I know it is a lot of money that you can save so please listen to this carefully, so Email colleges. So this might sound really simple but if you email colleges explaining your financial situation to them and Telling them why you need the fee waiver They will most likely give you a fee waiver because they it’s not like they don’t want you to apply they want more International students and more students in general to apply to the University So definitely email them and ask them Request them to give you a fee waiver and they most likely will do it Like some of them haven’t mentioned on the websites that if you do need a fee waiver Contact us and let us know and we will give it to you So it’s as simple as that like you just have to email them and you will get a fee waiver I mean this does not work all the time, but for many colleges that will work also do not abuse this like if you can pay them, please do pay but if you do have the need then Definitely make sure to email them and make use of this apart from that There are also colleges that do not require any college application fees So I’m putting a link in the description to a list of colleges that do not require application fees If you do some research online You can find more colleges as well because there are many colleges out there that want to make it as easy To apply as easy as it can be to apply to the University But an example of a college that does not require an application fee or does not even require your SAT or HTT would be Union College so I think it’s a liberal arts college or normal quits a university in New York and I’ll put the link in the description. So the university that does not require an application fee or an SAT or a CT school And I think even for the TOEFL or IELTS they can give you a voucher so basically if you apply to college like Union, your only cost would be okay, I can’t think of any cost but I’m like I’m pretty sure it would be minimal like it could be pretty affordable to apply to a college like Union College And I think there’s another one also, I’ve put it’s called maybe Ohio Wesleyan University and there are few other. Basically you have to do your research like you have to check whether like the colleges have application fees whether they require the SAT or a CT whether they give you fee waivers or vouchers for the TOEFL IELTS That’s all on you. Like you have to spend the time and research and it’s worth it to spend that time because it could end up saving you a lot of money now coming to the next cost in the college application process and In previous videos I’ve talked about this form called the CSS profile. It’s a form that where you enter all your financial details and then you send it to colleges and they get to decide How much financial aid you need and how many how much scholarships they should give you based on your? Financial need like based on your financial background. They give you scholarships So this form if you send this form online to colleges it costs you around I think It’s like $25 for the first college that you sent the form to and then $16 for each college after so basically if you send it to around 8 to 10 colleges it would cost you around 150 dollars but you can get rid of this cost completely and there are two ways to do this So the first way is again you email the colleges telling them that you really can’t afford The fifteen dollars because it is actually a lot of money You email the colleges and explain your situation to them and you tell them that you can’t afford to send the CSS profile to them so can they give you a fee waiver for this and they most likely will give you a waiver and the second option is that many colleges have an alternative form that is unique to their own college and You can instead of filling out the CSS profile. You can fill out the college’s own form and You can You basically you take that form You print it out you fill in all your details by writing them and then you scan it and send it to the college back So this could save you a lot of money but the only difference is that you Would not have be able to send the same form to each University But it’s still like it’s worth it because you see if you save 150 dollars that’s like more than ten thousand rupees. So I Would definitely make use of that option if I knew about it before I came to know about this after doing research So, um, I really wish I’d done that before so Make use of that Don’t be like me. I’ve also put a link in the description to this University page It’s a University called Oberlin that’s in the US. I think it’s in Ohio, maybe yeah the universities in Ohio and Their website clearly mentions that if you need a CSS profile fee waiver do email us and we will give it to you So make use of that I think that some of the tips I mentioned today could easily end up saving you around five hundred dollars in the application process Do let me know if you did find this video helpful, and also tell me what you want to see in future videos Like what video topics you would want me to talk about and mention those in the comments or you could message me on the Instagram page at college_hub and Thank you so much for watching. It really means a lot to me. Also, please do subscribe I’m going to be coming out with around one video every week or four videos a month thank you guys for following the college hub and stay tuned for more