Student Engagement at WMU

January 24, 2020 0 By Stanley Isaacs

[MUSIC] Hannah: “Student engagement is more than just
being a student. Anyone can come to Western and be a student, but when you
find the things that you really want to be involved in you find your friends and
you find the career that you want to do and it just opens so many doors for you.”
Jasmine: “It’s coming into college this huge like transition in your life with like a
mindset of wanting to be engaged and wanting to meet people experience
different people experience cultures experience different backgrounds like
that’s engagement.” Evan: “Being more engaged on campus helps students to be retained at
higher rates to graduate at higher rates within four years and have better grades
on campus. To be more connected to to campus and have a better experience
overall.” Zhanessa: “I think that experience is the thing that will like push you through
life when you come to a university like this one there’s so much that’s there
for you resources people experiences backgrounds to tap into and by doing
that you will pretty much enrich your whole experience.” Jasmine: “Coming as a freshmen
to college automatically is like a huge transition. For international students
not only are we like in a new environment we’re away from our families
were away from like what we’re used to so I think it’s especially were
for it for us to find that kind of fit where we want to belong and find like a
family or community that we want to like spend our time with and give her time to.
My job at the VDC has kind of made me have like a little bit of like a home
somewhere else too. I gain experience I get to meet new people I get to like
learn some new skills and just you know be a part of like a community.” Zhanessa: “The
signature program was really awesome because basically signature is just a
way for you to connect all the things we do us on to the classroom and get kind
of recognition for that. Say if you are an accounting major say but also not
only am I good at math the numbers I have a leadership pathway so where I can
rally communities I can create foundations I can empower others.” Evan: “By
being engaged on campus students are really gonna see the benefit that
they’re getting more of their Western experience but they have something to
talk about that they did. Employers are looking for students who have done stuff
and engaging with one way to.” Zach: “One of my big aspirations is to actually build
a new orchestra that like that programs video game music and standard orchestral
repertoire and in order to create an entirely new organization like that I
have to make connections with people who have the skills that I don’t have but
that are absolutely crucial to developing and new
orchestra music ensemble. My signature experience here at WMU has given me a
lot of practice and taught me how to find the special skills that other
people have.” Jasmine: “My biggest piece of advice would just be like try out
like as many things as you can.” Hannah: “I think there’s definitely something for
everyone even if that only means going to an RSO meeting once a week. A lot of
student organizations understand that students have to work and students have
classes and we have lives outside of school and they make it really easy for
you to find the things that you want to be involved in and it’s accessible for
you.” Jasmine: “There’s so many options on campus for you to try out and I say just go for
it” [MUSIC]