Spotlight on international students: Hear from some of our students from around the world

September 8, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Living in London has been great over the last three years the fact that you meet different people from different cultures there’s so much to see, there’s great architecture and London has everything to offer. It’s just a centre of all these amazing things happening there’s new people in your new culture and it’s just exciting. My experience of moving from Norway to London was very terrifying in the start but now I’ve been here for almost four years and I am in love with London. The city gives you so many opportunities and you meet so many great people. The thing I’ve enjoyed most about my Foundation diploma was the facilities. I’ve fallen in love with the Print Studio and screen printing It has just opened my mind to a whole possibility of ideas. The most I’ve enjoyed about my course is working in the workshop. When you work in the workshop amongst other students and the technicians is very powerful and very inspiring. Living in halls has helped me settle into the community and with other students just by being around them you form your own little family your London family and they are all doing different courses but you can really connect with them and draw on their experience to help your own. Just the fact that I lived in student halls in such close proximity with other students from my college and other colleges from the same university really helped me connect with the city and other students as well. UAL has changed me as a person because it has made me think outside the boundaries or the lines. I can think more creatively there’s not any limits to where my creativity goes. Now I found something that I’m really interested in and UAL is offering me this great study to really make my dreams come true. The advice I would give to the next generation of students is to meet as many people as possible. Go to all the degree shows and just really enjoy your time here it goes by too fast.