Social Policy at York –  Postgraduate Study for International Students

Social Policy at York – Postgraduate Study for International Students

August 26, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

It’s a really lovely city with lovely
people. You have the opportunity to attend conferences and seminars. I enjoy my life here, I’m very lucky. There are a number of reasons why students choose Social Policy and Social Work at York. Certainly the department itself is one of the leading Departments nationally and internationally. We have many staff, all who are experts. We also have an online team and so the number of modules that we can provide and the teaching experience is extraordinary! (Xinide – Inner Mongolia, China) This department really cares for people, for every single student and even for their own individual multi-dimensional development. I’ve never been in a city like this. It feels just like home. Everybody’s always happy to help strangers. The long history of York City is indicative of its power and significance over the centuries. And the history of York as a city is actually intertwined with the history of Social Policy as a subject. It’s no surprise in fact that
York is home to one of the strongest Departments of Social Policy and Social Work in the world because the past echos into the present. (Fiorella Ciapessoni – Uraguay) Well I am from Uruguay Montevideo and my PhD thesis aims to develop a deeper understanding between homelessness and incarceration and now I am attending English
classes at the University and go to the Great Library. I live here with my family in accomodation of the University which has all the amenities and things you need, It is a very
comfortable house. Now the majority of work I do is around poverty and I’m particularly interested in fuel poverty. I am also interested in how welfare reforms have been affecting disabled people and the knock-on effect of being able to afford things like food and energy. Within that I’ve been lucky enough to go down to parliament with my research, it has also fed into the National
Institute for Clinical Excellence guidelines on excess winter deaths.
So it’s really exciting to feel that we’re having an impact on policy and
such an important area. I teach a lot of research methods and I bring
along the kind of research problems that have been dealing with, my key research questions, my sampling issues, my ethical dilemmas and I usually put those to the group. The REF 2014 is a very big deal! It stands for Research Excellence Framework and universities are required every six years or so submit their staff to the REF, to expert national panels, to have their research output rated. So we’re really proud that
we came third out of 62 Social Policy departments across the entire United Kingdom! (Xi Chen – China) This Department here is very famous and professional. I enjoy my study here, everything. The staff are very friendly and they helped me a lot with everything I need. I also enjoy my life in a campus because it’s beautiful. All the facilities are very convenient. As for the York city I think nowhere is as good as York. We think in terms of partnership with students here. It’s not just a question of staff and students, not at postgraduate level. It’s got
everything to do with that sense of partnering oneself through a
course of learning and that’s tremendously important and we take it
very seriously!