Should Colleges Buy Ammo For Gun Clubs?

September 22, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

the recent push for gun regulation of
those countries generally conducted at the federal level so that the state
level that usually universities but we have a case at the university of north
carolina at chapel hill worry university is stepping in and
trying to regulate tomb of the extent that they can uh… at least the use of guns in your
campus so the harm your rifle and pistol club
operates at the university with caroline chapel hill and obviously as part of their
activities they go when they shoot guns and you need a mission to do that as a campus group they would like to be able to houston
funds to purchase the ammunition but they’re not going to have been able to
soon uh… uh… one of the representatives of the uh…
basis in legislature disinfect uh… is banning the the use of student funds for the
purchase of guns but also the purchase in the nation anything about cell favor of gun control
and not in favor of banning guns on and so uh… allot of people think that onto
libero log my position on guns but when it comes to this particular sorry i
don’t really understand what the issue and so in order for them to take away
funding for the ammo and what if you’re a good argument legal why is it that
they want to do it the only argument that they’ve given so far it is it would
be inappropriate to use the funds for the ammo well even though i go ahead and
we quote is ralph the root of representative that uh… u_n_c_ chapel
hill he says i don’t think in those
inappropriate for student loans it stored off campus at someone’s house
and if someone breaks in and uses it for a mass shooting people might consider
those who approved the funds to be a fall couple steps of logic there i’m not sure
that people would trace it back but it’s a little bit later as used you
eventually c_n_n_ would come out with their report that the the ammunition had
been purchased thirsting funds uh… i don’t know that you would
necessarily care arnett would change how people evaluate
those not only crime no one’s gonna blame the school all through the shooting people are
gonna blame the person who carried out that shooting cell hurt the people who made the video games
for tissue play at the prelude blame him too by the way bail out the funding for that
dot that’s right will they could rent guns they can buy so we have not some
information about how different campuses deal with this uh… some universities explicitly been
fighting a book guns and ammunition but the u_n_ ccn code is next on the
issue apprentice the existing funds to purchase fire arms although they may be rented released but exempts camo and different campuses
some specifically stated by a model at some parts of the in some parts century
but others also allow it that you insist that makes and that’s why they’ve had a
step in and regulate out so do you think that this is just this guy austin ruin others who voted
for just don’t like guns and is one way to sort of strike back i don’t know what
their intentions are so i don’t really want to speculate on that but thirty it’s one of those stories
where i have to be completely honest with you guys i don’t have strong
feelings one way or another if this is a group on campus that has existed for a
while and there have been any problems and you give them fighting to recognizes on my dog really seeing what the good
argument is from banning them from using the funds for buying you know pulitzer an archive person i
think that that this long is the group is outstanding in doesn’t do a lot of
praise reckless things i think that they should be allowed to purchase a mission
like they need the distance that are in the
club there’s student dues are part of the money that we’re talking about here i’m sure that they have to use they
would like to see if i did at the university but there’s gonna be funded uh… i was on uh… akitas organization
that the dealt out this involves a different groups agreed to come in after
money we would either perverted we had money for all sorts of citizenship so there there there they care about of gun
safety can education they’re not using like big difference of
using twenty is the way that it seems pretty responsible to me i don’t pursue things that they should
be banned from