Shaniah – Paying for College – WSU Vancouver

November 7, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Hi my name is Shania and I am a junior
here at Wazzu. I’m in the elementary education program. This is my second year at WSU.
The first year… so, how I paid for college… I was a transfer student from
Clark so I received the Transfer Academic Achievement Award and then I
had to take out a loan for my first year because I missed every single deadline
due to originally applying to a different school and then changing my mind last
minute so I would highly recommend to meet [the] FAFSA deadline,
admissions priority deadline, just so you can be fully funded with your financial
aid. Because otherwise I would have had my tuition paid for, which is what
happened with this current academic year. I filed everything on time and my
tuition was paid for, plus a refund so I received [the] Pell Grant Cougar Commitment grant,
the second year of Vancouver Transfer Achievement Award, and I didn’t have to
take out a loan, so I would highly recommend [to] file your FAFSA, meet all the
deadlines and if you have any additional questions, to contact the Student
Services Center here at the Cougar Center. Anyone is willing to help you and
I also work here, so being a part of financial aid has helped me out a lot.