Sen. Kamala Harris Takes Questions from College Students in the Tonight Show Audience

September 20, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

-I thought, what a great
opportunity. We have all these students
in our audience tonight. -Yeah.
-I thought it would be great to maybe take some
questions from them. -Oh, that’d be great.
I’d like that. -Is that okay?
-Yes, of course. -Breanna from NYU.
Where is Breanna? [ Cheers and applause ]
Hi, pal. [ Applause continues ] -Go ahead, Breanna.
-Hi, Senator. So, as a first-generation
college student that comes from a lower
socioeconomic background, student loans were kind of
inevitable for me. And with graduation right around
the corner for me, I want to know what you would do
for students like me who are going to graduate with
massive amounts of student debt. -Yeah, that’s right. It’s one of the biggest issues
facing our students. Here’s my plan. One, we need to have debt-free
college. We need to have free
community college. And I’m also prepared to make
sure that we provide interest-free loans. Because nobody should be
profiting — [ Cheers and applause ] Breanna, nobody should be
profiting off of your desire to get an education. [ Cheers and applause ]
All right? So —
-That’s great. -And congratulations to you.
Congratulations to you. That’s wonderful. -Where’s Andrew from Fordham?
Andrew. [ Cheers and applause ] Andrew, whenever you’re ready.
-Yeah, sure. Thank you for being here
and taking my question. Do you believe in the mandatory
buyback of quote-unquote
“assault weapons”? And whether or not you do,
how does that idea not go against, fundamentally,
the Second Amendment? -Yeah.
Great question. I do believe that we need
to do buybacks, and I’ll tell you why. First of all, let’s be clear
about what assault weapons are. They have been designed to kill
a lot of human beings quickly. They are weapons of war with no place on the streets
of a civil society. I’ve seen assault weapons kill
babies and police officers. So, one, I’ll tell you
when elected President, if the United States Congress
continues to fail to have the courage to do something
about this, I’m prepared to take
executive action and put in place a ban
on the importation of assault weapons
into our country. But we still have to deal with the over 2 million
assault weapons that are currently in the streets
of America. And so a buyback program
is a good idea. Now, we need to do it
the right way. And part of that has to be,
you know, buy back and give people
their value, the financial value
of what they have and not just take things
from people that have value without compensating them. We need to do it the right way. But we’ve got to deal
with the fact that these people
in Washington, D.C. have failed to have
the courage — How many of you guys,
as college students, had to have a drill during high school
or middle school or elementary school,
where you — or even in college,
where you learned about how you need to hide
in a closet or crouch in a corner in the event that there is
a mass shooter roaming the hallways
of your school? Look at that.
Look at that. And here’s the thing. It terrorized you. It is traumatizing. I don’t want that
any of our children should have to sit in class, when you should be paying
attention to what’s happening in the front of the classroom, letting your mind open up
to the wonders of science, math or art or whatever, and instead have to be worried
about who’s going to come banging through the door
carrying some kind of weapon. Leaders need to lead
on this issue. And so, I’m telling you,
when elected, if Congress fails to act,
I’ll give them 100 days to put a bill on my desk
for signature. And if they do not do it, I will put in place
by executive action a comprehensive
background check requirement and a ban
on the assault weapons and the importation of assault
weapons into our country. I’m done. [ Cheers and applause ] -Wow. [ Applause continues ] -Look at how many raised
their hand. -We have time for one more. This is from Audrey, Columbia. She goes to school in Columbia.
Audrey. [ Cheers and applause ] Whenever you’re ready. -Hi. So it’s on everyone’s mind, and I have to ask…
-Okay. -In-N-Out or Shake Shack? -In-N-Out. Are you kidding me? [ Cheers and applause ]
-Come on! Shake Shack! -In-N-Out.
I am a California girl. -Oh, my —
-In-N-Out. -In-N-Out or Shake Shack?
Oh, my — We’ll have a taste test. Thank you so much for taking
the time to come here. -Okay, it’s great to be here
with you, Jimmy. -Good luck to you. Senator Kamala Harris,