Second-Year Geisel Med Student Reflects on Jeopardy! Experience

November 24, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

My name is Sathvik Namburar. I’m a second year student here at Geisel. Overall the experience was exciting and
nerve-wracking. Exciting because I fulfilled you know one of my bucket list
items but nerve-racking in that you know you’re trying to win money so I
don’t remember large chunks of the game or you know the day I don’t even
remember my fellow contestants. You’re just so in the moment and so
caught up in it that I don’t even remember of you know a lot of what
happened. I did remember that my family was in the audience and after I won the
game my mom started crying just because she was so emotional and it was just a
great moment. I think the most memorable thing, it was fulfilling the ambition, but
it’s actually Alex is just so down to earth he interacts with the audience and
one thing that really sticks with me was during one of the advertisement breaks
the audience someone asked him a question about what did you learn from
your experience with Stage four pancreatic cancer what did you learn
about your experience with it and he didn’t answer, he didn’t talk about the
treatments, he didn’t talk about this is what cancer is. He talked about kindness.
He talked about the kindness that his physicians showed him. He talked about the
kindness that the health care provider showed him and that, I think it’s
gonna stick with me is that this man this brave man you know going through
all this pain still hosting the show still takes time out to appreciate and
recognize kindness from the providers and as a hopeful future health care
provider I just thought that was a tremendous lesson.