Scotch Oakburn College  – The Best Teachers

Scotch Oakburn College – The Best Teachers

September 2, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

I just love working with young people and
seeing them grow and develop its really rewarding and to think that you played your small part
in that is an experience that you can’t get anywhere else. The holistic education is about
making sure that we develop the whole person, head, heart and soul. The music programme
allows someone to excel there, who might not in other areas. I have seen students just
come to life in the Outdoor Ed programme, who, in the classroom they might be a little
timid, uncertain, that might not be their strength and get them in the outdoors then
suddenly this is where they really shine. So, we got provide all of those and develop the
skills they are going to need to enter their future really confidently, and that’s where
our staff give so much, because they give into all those 3 areas. They are not just
the best maths teachers, but they are also able to recognise in their students, what
areas are their strengths and what areas they need to improve on to become that well rounded
whole person, and our teachers are fantastic. Teachers are the most important thing, end
of story. So no doubt about it, I would rather have the best teacher in an ordinary classroom,
than an ordinary teacher in a great facility. We have included in our facilities important
elements such as plenty of natural light, great ventilation, a range of colours and
a range of shapes to buildings if you like, and the facilities help to stimulate thinking,
stimulate creativity, all of that has a positive impact on learning. We invite you to come
into for a tour, have a look through the School, and then make your mind up, and what
you will also find is, that we are more affordable than we have ever been.