San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley  – Join Us!

San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley – Join Us!

October 13, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

thus a meteorologist of Silicon Valley actually comprised three separate colleges we have Skyline College of the north portion of San Mateo County we actually have College of San Mateo which is right in the heart of San Mateo County and we have Kenyatta College which is in the southern part of the county as well those combines serve about 45,000 students per year close to a hundred years now we’ve been providing high quality transfer education to our local residents because we were founded as a preparatory school for UC Berkeley and Stanford University now international students are eager to come to us because we have a wonderful location surrounded by all of these high tech companies we have great transfer success and of course all of the most impressive facilities and resources that are free to our international students the beauty of where we are relative to anywhere else in the nation is that we are literally in the heart of the Silicon Valley and being here in the heart of the Silicon Valley our neighbors our Oracle hewlett-packard Netflix Facebook Google so not only are you going to college here but you have that ability to connect with those high tech environments every student that I meet with overseas wants to know where are they going to live if they come to one of our colleges what we’ve done is we’ve hired a housing coordinator and the housing coordinator will assist not only with directing students to apartment complexes but also for homestay placement which is living with an American family near each college recently we’ve added the intensive English language program at the San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley it provides short intensive courses in just English language instruction I would highly recommend for international students who are concerned about their English language skills to come and participate in this pensive English Language Program the classes are great especially the English classes for the international students because we do a lot of group orgs in class and we get involved with each other so we improve our language the opportunities in terms of majors run the gamut from economics to computer information science engineering mathematics students can come here choose a major from a variety of options and then successfully transfer to a top university my major is math and economics the fact that it is in Silicon Valley in California salvus is so much easier to transfer to top universities like UC Berkeley and UCLA our three colleges have over 50 American universities providing guarantee transfer to our students some of these universities even provide transfer scholarships applied to several schools and I got accepted to UC San Diego UC Davis and UC Santa Cruz with a scholarship we teach students to be independent to understand processes and learn how to manage their lives effectively so they learn how to find housing to use public transportation to set up bank accounts in to register for their classes and take ownership of their transfer process and education I feel like the International Student Center goes beyond just that academic sense and really worries about each individual international student and how they can be there for them because in essence they are the family that we have here in the u.s. we have enormous amount of resources that help international students progress through achieving their goal we have the Learning Center with free tutoring a Transfer Center that helps students understand the requirements for transferring to a four-year university and we also have a great student life organization there’s a lot of cultural sharing in the form of events and an opportunities for students to engage with the student population Student Government and clubs that’s very multicultural our students come from over 75 countries and students find themselves loving it and thrive in the learning environment we give them opportunities to celebrate these cultures for example we have the International Education Week we have international food festivals the international affair student club is another opportunity for student to mingle with each other and to learn about each other’s cultures what’s great about international students is how they infuse into the culture they add to the richness of the teaching in the class because they bring in this global view to the curriculum what’s really interesting is everybody has their own different cultures and different perspectives on things and then you get to learn more about their culture you get to like see things in a different perspective from like different sides of the world you meet a lot of people that are from all over the world you share your experiences with them we share moments with them that’s really valuable I would invite all high school graduates from all over the world consider following the steps of compass thousands of other students who have come to San Mateo college the Silicon Valley and who have found themselves studying in top universities as transfer students you’re gonna be fully prepared you’re gonna be a stronger student and you’re gonna stand out from the thousands of other students that you’re gonna encounter we would be so happy to have you here it’s a wonderful place to study and this is a place to make your dreams come true [Music]