QUT International student experience – Tracy Q (Directed by Andy H)

September 19, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

ON-SCREEN TITLE: We asked our international
students to share their QUT experience using a video. The best then videos received a prize, the
following is one of the winning videos – unedited, exactly the way the student provided it to
QUT. ON-SCREEN TITLE: International student
My name is Tracy. I’m from Beijing and I’ve been studying
at QUT since 2015. I first went to QUT International College
for the academic English and university entry program. Studying at QUT is a wonderful experience
that’s lifetime memorable. The excitement of a brand new environment
was soon taken place by the intensive study. For me, coming to Australia as an international
student was challenging. It was a huge transition from high school. Everything is exciting; however, we have a
big challenge. I was alone. I didn’t quite know what to expect when
I first got to campus. Everything was so different from home. But soon, I made friends. I meet with a lot of brilliant peers. We study together, sharing ideas and experiences. And having fun all the time. There are always encouraging tutors in class. They are always encouraging me to talk more
and engage more in class. HiQ is a place that is super fond of QUT. They have like real talented staffs, who always
here and really passionate about assigning students with
all kinds of voice. For all the international students who are
hesitating about applying for QUT, I just want to say “Come along, it will be a journey
you will never regret taking”