Purdue NOW  – Purdue named as one of the best colleges for military students and veterans

Purdue NOW – Purdue named as one of the best colleges for military students and veterans

August 15, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Purdue is one of the top universities in the
country for veterans, say new rankings on website “College Consensus”. The site says Purdue is 10th best in the country
according to their methodology which combines published rankings from places like the Wall
Street Journal and U.S. News with verified student reviews. Every school works hard to support military
connected students. I think most people take it above just ‘this
is our duty’ and really want to do a good job of helping support that and helping those
who had served, or are serving, succeed. The goal of the Veterans Success Center, located
in the Purdue Memorial Union, is to help veteran and military students and their families navigate
the journey, bet it at Purdue or entering the workforce. It provides a gathering place, and information
on subjects like military-related education benefits and transitioning to campus life. I’ve already got a community here, Im not
alone, because it did feel like being alone, like, I’ve got this huge undertaking, I’m
terrified, I’m scared to death, I’m not going to make it, maybe I’m not supposed to be here,
you start self-doubting and then it kind of turns it around to “I’ve got somebody here
who understands me, and we may not know each other, but we know each other.” You meet a veteran you don’t know and you
already have a connection with the. We’re not the military here, we’re just people
that have had a common experience and are trying to do our best to support each other. For more on the Purdue Veterans Success Center,
click the link included with this video