Primera parada: University of California Riverside

October 27, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my channel! You may be thinking what is Mickey doing With a Northamerican and a Spanish flag on it’s little white gloved hands The reason is that today I have good news for the most adventurous ones Because we are going to join a journey to the other side of the hemisphere But first of all, as I did in the last video I want to say thank you for following me. You are all very nice! And today I have a special mention for my couisin Javi Because he is a crack with the computer and he made me the credits for my videos That I started using in the previous one and they are so sool Well… ready for that journey? What about you? Have you got your boarding passes? “Hello haha yes!” Great! Me too, I have them right here! So do not waste any more time and lets take that plane! As I have told you in previous videos My Disney Experience dindn´t start directly in Florida Before of that we went to a northamerican college in the state of California The many times mentioned in these videos: the University of California Riverside Some of you may be thinking: what is Riverside? It is a little city that is one hour car from LA more or less Where the UCR campus is located It is not inside the city, it is more in the outskirts So our long and tyring trip didn´t finish at LA airport A coach came to pick us up and bring us to our residence during the two following weeks in California Which was the As it is called, is an extension from the UCR Where all the international students are located It is a little far from the campus A little bit in the nothingness Despite of that is close to restaurants, supermarkets, cinema… An it has it´s own cafeteria, shop, classes and apartments In relation with the apartments I want to make a little aside about them to tell you That you are not able to choose the kind of apartment you will live in California They assing it to you These apartments go from two people to ten Yes, ten people in one apartment Do you know who was the fortunate one? The second thing I want to tell you about the apartments is that the americans are a little picky with the age of majority So all the students that were underage were directed to a special residence away from the apartments The point was to make them sleep in another place so they couldn´t join the big parties with alcohol that took place in the apartments What happen if an underage is caught in one of this parties? That thay he/she could have seriuos problems Both the underage and the owner of the apartment These problems could go from a suspension to the termination of the program So my advice for the alcohol lovers is: Do not make trouble and wait a pair of weeks After this aside, I am finally going to focus on what we actually went for to the UCR But first, I think I should change something here… Yes Perfect! So much better! Even though, I’m a little hot now Done! All right! Now we are inmersed in the UCR atmosphere I can start telling you everything The first day after the arrival is full of introductions and presentations About the College, the course, the campus, the living area… etc For this purpose, they hand out folders like this cute one I have here With your name, the certificate your are opting to and a little schedule for the day, on the front Inside you will find information about your the medical insurance, the College… And other brochures about “How to make your apartment feel like home” “How to cook or where to go for lunch/dinner in the area” and some “Important tips to travel” And finally an invitation to a Welcome BBQ which was pretty cool After that, they will make your Student ID card As you can see it has your name, student number and a very bad photo where you can see nothing at all This is the accreditation that alows you to enter all the campus’ facilities Pretty cool too From the second day on you will get down to bussiness and that course that I have been talking about will start Which name is: They will hand out a folder like the one I have With all the contents and your schedule for the next two weeks on the back Which are the contents of th course? How is it divided? It has five subjects: The first one is The second one is The third one is The fourth one is And the fifth one is All the subjects and contents are related to the internship we are doing next at Disney And they give us an basic view of the travel and tourism industry Maybe the subjects have sound too much professional or difficult But they are not The lectures are easy peasy And the English used is very easy and basic too Besides… how can I say this? The most of the time you spend at the lectures is drawing murals and playing games So they are a little bit: paint and colour classes That´s what the americans call creative, educational and participatory lectures No comment I will say in their defense that the teachers were so good They seemed to have experience in the industry So the course in general was very interesting Do not think you are going to get away without an evaluation At the end of the two weeks you will have and exam It was a very easy test And also during your time in California you will be ask to do a final paper in groups The topic should be related with the hospitality industry and you will have to present it in front every teacher and participant Which is very good to put down all your embarrassment As you know, studying was not the only thing I did in California To get the most of the West coast I wanted to go all over California from the North to the South So I rented a car with some friends and we drove from San Francisco to San Diego Going through Hollywood, Beberly Hills, Santa Monica, Newport… It was an awesome experience from which I have beautiful memories and a lot of photos too Some of you may be thinking: Traveling on your own in a foreing country, is it not dangerous? The answer is: no whenever you prepared everything with enough time The places you are going to visit, where you are you going to rest, the money you should bring… And you woulnd´t have any problem Anyway, the ones who don´t want to take risk are not forced to spend the whole time at the UCR campus Because the College organizes trips every free day to almost the same places I went The difference is the price, these one are a little more expensive because they include transportation, lunch and more The conclusion is that everybody is able to enjoy their stay at the UCR Well guys, this is the end of my UCR experience I will conclude telling you that the last day the University offers you transportation to the airport To start the second part of this magical adventure But that is another story and another video So I will see you next time! Do not miss it! “Yes, haha” Bye!