Planting Seeds in the Lives of Others  | American Military University (AMU)

Planting Seeds in the Lives of Others | American Military University (AMU)

October 9, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

As young boy, I was taught the importance of planning seeds in the lives of others. Everything we say, everything we do, and
how we treat others. We all have the opportunity to plant seeds in each other’s
lives every day. As an education coordinator, I love the impact of what I do. To change lives from a positive standpoint. I pride myself in knowing
the person who I’m dealing with. I take it to level of understanding who they are. Wanting to know what’s important to them, wanting to know values that they have. The main thing for us to
do is to understand what their need is. And for us to take that need and tailor it
to what AMU has to offer. After serving 25 years in the Air
Force and understanding the needs and the mission comes first. AMU brings
that availability to reach your educational goals in a simplistic way,
in a realistic way. It gives them the support they need to know that although
they are serving in the military whether stateside or overseas, they can reach theirbeducational goal and AMU will make that happen for them. I define success in my life through the
eyes of others. How they see me. When someone else says that you’re successful
based on what you done for them, that’s when you know you’re truly succeeding in
your own life. So, I’m going to do everything in my power to help, because I want you
to succeed as a student. I want you to graduate. I want you to be successful in life so
that you have the opportunity to sew seeds in many other people’s lives. My name is Brian Miller, and I’m an
education coordinator for American Military University.