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November 23, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Recruitment Video Transcript
(0:13) You’ll look good in blue! (0:24) From the instant that I stepped on
campus for my very first tour I just knew that I could live here.
(0:30) I fell in love with the campus that day, I applied as soon as I got the opportunity.
(0:34) My tour guide completely sold me, the whole process. There’s always cultural events
going on, there is always music al events, there is sporting events, there’s clubs, organizations
groups volunteering. The world’s largest water balloon fight and here’s ten percent off at
the book and store and I was like I’m sold. Like this place can’t get much better.
(0:51) A lot of kids when they come to a campus and they are just like I would never be able
to find my way around but I have never had that feeling.
(0:57) You’ve got people that are so welcome and so warm they are always looking to help
you. (1:01) I just want to be here. There is not
a day that I don’t want to be on campus. (1:04) The campus is absolutely beautiful.
There are a lot of flowers and pretty spots and pretty benches.
(1:11) As soon as you step foot on campus I felt a part of the family.
(1:14) Campus is very safe. There are these paths with huge paw prints and it’s called
the Cat’s Path and these are very well lit areas. I really appreciate living on such
a safe campus. (1:25) I am a sucker for Commons. Not only
because it’s five feet from my dorm but it can’t get better than a buffet.
(1:31) I really like Ovid’s. I enjoy eating there, the food is great.
(1:36) There are people coming from all over. There are international students.
(1:39) The Global Village is a living learning community.
(1:42) It gives you the opportunity to be in a small little class with people who live
in your building. (1:46) You learn more about different cultures
and to just hangout with different people from all around the world.
(1:50) Just getting to meet new people from different places is so much fun.
(1:53) I’m from Middletown, Maryland. Geneva, Illinois. Cincinnati, Ohio. Long Beach, California.
Louisville, Kentucky. St. Louis. Indianapolis. Virginia. Ashland, Kentucky. Harbin, China.
Cleveland, Ohio. Lexington, Kentucky. Columbus, Ohio. Nashville, Tennessee. Surabaya, Indonesia.
Atlanta, Georgia. Paducah, Kentucky. Dayton, Ohio.
(2:08) I met so many new people and they were all extremely nice.
(2:14) I love the city of Lexington. I love that it is sort of smaller because you could
be on campus and then five minutes later you are downtown. It has the different local restaurants,
all the shopping places and then there is Keeneland watching the races…green grass
and the horses. It’s a beautiful place. (2:35) There’s so much to do. There is just
always something for you to get involved with. (2:39) From the beginning I got involved with
undergraduate research. All of a sudden I’m working in the lab of a world-renowned professor
and I’m just a freshman. (2:48) Research opportunities here at UK are
incredible. They are something you are really not going to find anywhere else.
(2:53) We are pretty much breeding these two fish that have two different genes and seeing
what happens when we have a fish with both of those genes.
(3:01) It’s just really cool to be able to have these top tier staff here for us on campus
and to be able to learn from them. (3:07) My honors class has 17 kids in it.
He knew all of our names by the second class. (3:12) You’re not just a number here at UK.
(3:15) He just had a way of making the class fun and making you want to learn.
(3:18) They really want you to succeed they are there to help you and guide you.
(3:21) My advisor is awesome. (3:24) They are emailing you internship opportunities.
(3:27) I got to intern in the State Senate, the British Parliament and the U.S. Congress.
(3:32) You really get to discover who you are and what you’re capable of. Like this
internship where you look around and you’ve got people from Harvard, Yale and not only
am I competing with them in terms of our projects or assignments I’m exceling past them.
(3:45) UK core is essential. It allows students to take classes that are going to benefit
them in where they want to go. (3:53) UK is really becoming an elite school.
(3:35) We are going to have the most modern living learning space you can find anywhere
in the country. Where relationships will be born, where innovations will be born.
(4:05) With this Kentucky promise I think a vision greater than any of us could imagine.
(4:09) The amount of things that are possible on this campus is just amazing.
(4:15) It’s really important to get involved. (4:17) K Week is the best way to get involved
from the beginning. K Week was just a great overall icebreaker to the whole college experience.
It’s nine days of nonstop fun, free food, free t-shirts, tons of people everywhere.
If you pay for a meal during K Week you have done something wrong.
(4:35) Just the opportunities that are made available it makes you want to try new things.
(4:41) If you look at some of the organizations that have grown over the past couple years.
Dance Blue is always talked about a lot. It’s a 24-hour dance contest. Look how far it’s
come. It’s such a complete experience. (4:54) I really enjoy Greek life just kind
of the bond you get with those people. The academic side of it I have older people in
the fraternity that help me out with classes. (5:01) I am going to study abroad in Argentina
this summer in the city of Buenos Aires. (5:06) The campus has so many resources to
students. (5:09) I currently have the Presidential Scholarship.
I have the Singletary Scholarship. If you just sit down scholarships are so easy to
apply for. There are so many scholarships out there. That scholarship means everything.
(5:23) My favorite place on campus is definitely Willy T Library. Just walking in there makes
you feel ten times smarter. It’s both a social atmosphere and an academic atmosphere and
that’s great. It’s big, quiet, comfortable. Resources are just unbelievable there.
(5:39) The Johnson Center is great it’s probably the best gym I’ve ever seen in my life. There’s
so much to do you can never get bored in one area.
(5:48) They have a rock wall. Just the environments as a whole, the school spirit, the sports
it’s all here. There is definitely a spirit that UK has that no other school has. It has
a spirit of unity but also school spirit for sports. The fans are crazy. University of
Kentucky basketball is like something I have never seen before. I got shivers just in the
stands. It’s crazy to be right there and have it all at your presence and you kind of feel
like you are in the game. We boast excellence in a lot of other sports that are up and rising.
We all have one common goal and that’s to support the Wildcats.
(6:22) Yeah everything thing I see is blue. See blue. See blue. See blue really isn’t
just our slogan it really is what you feel and see on campus. When you have athletics,
when you have academics, when you have that social life it all comes together in a really
good blend. UK is making me into a more well rounded person. I don’t want to go home. You
should come. You should come now quickly. It’s a great feeling to say that I am part
of this tradition. UK has been a great experience. I am just happy to be a Wildcat. Big Blue
all day. #####