Ola Olupeka: International Student from Nigeria | RMIT University

August 22, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

[Instrumental Music] I practiced veterinary medicine for five years and everyday I saw animals getting sick. Some needed vaccination and some deworming but some unfortunately couldn’t be saved. To help those animals, I had to understand the disease and try to find a cure. My name is Ola Olupeka, and I’m studying Master of Biotechnology at RMIT. I picked Australia because there was so much amazing research into animal and human health. I was offered a scholarship in the UK, but I felt RMIT had more to offer. More than half of the human diseases come from animals so any breakthrough in animal health is helping people too. One of my subjects is Gene Technology. We learn about DNA, RNA, the building blocks of life. It’s really eye-opening. To locate a specific gene, we took a green fluorescent protein from a jellyfish and put it into E. Coli bacteria, and I thought, “Wow!” I love that being here gives me the chance to try something different and meet some people. I’ve never travelled before coming to Melbourne but it feels like I’ve experienced a lot of countries just by living here.