Ohio State ranks #1 in the country in  Top Colleges for Veterans

Ohio State ranks #1 in the country in Top Colleges for Veterans

November 13, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

The Ohio State University College of Social
Work has been amazing luck for me. Just a few years ago it was rated number one
by USA Today for veteran students, and I really do see that reflected in the college of social
work. There is a brand new advanced curriculum for veterans and their families, and it’s no shock to me that the college of social work can do really good things for them. I have also met many other veterans which was a shock to me, also pursuing social work because we really want to get our hands dirty and
get out there in the field again and help our brothers and sisters as the things they get out because the things they experience don’t end when they come home. I’d really like to continue to keep serving,
for me it would probably be at the VA Hospitals across the United States. Another thing I have learned about myself
is that I really, I really find my passion in crisis work. For me, it’s really an honor to be with people in the intense moments of their lives. Where I think life is the most palpable, and
walking them through the dark places they might find themselves in, and for me, social
work has been a lot more of a journey I am going on with people. It’s not that I’m an expert, I just have the
tools they may need, in the moment.