Office of International Education at Bellevue College

September 27, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

My name is Susie Kim. I am a second year student
at Bellevue College majoring in computer science. So, when I was researching colleges to study
abroad back in Korea, I came across Bellevue College. I was impressed by its high transfer
rate to famous universities like UCLA, Berkeley, Columbia, and Purdue. Personally, I wanted
to go to University of Washington, and I saw that Bellevue College transfers more students to the University of Washington than any other two year college, so I knew it was the perfect decision for me. So, right now I have a cumulative GPA of 3.9, and I am very confident that I’ll be accepted
by many great Universities, and that’s why I’m so grateful to my instructors. Resources here is really helpful for students to achieve their academic goals. So, outside of class
I work as a Student Ambassador helping new International students with their life on
campus, and I also work as a math tutor and a coordinator at PALS Center. Working on campus
gives you a strong sense of community. I highly recommend Bellevue College who is interested in pursuing higher education abroad. Not only is it located in a beautiful and safe place, it is well known for high transfer rate to top universities.