National Rankings Only Tell Part of Our Story

September 20, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Are you using college
rankings to help find the perfect school. If so, Salisbury University
might be a great place to start your search. For more than two
decades, SU has been ranked one of the
nation’s top colleges by US News, and World Report,
and the Princeton Review. SU is also consistently ranked
a best value by publications, including Kiplinger’s,
Forbes, and Money. But guidebooks rankings
and online research only tell part of the story. You really have to visit
this beautiful campus to see for yourself. Talk with admissions
counselors and students to get an honest feel for SU. Eat lunch in our dining hall
and try our award winning food. Tour our elite
certified facilities, and see why we’ve been one of
the nation’s greenest colleges for a decade and counting. And sit in our
small classrooms with our friendly professors. SU provides everything
we need to succeed. When you visit
campus, we think your experience will
match or even surpass what the lists are saying. See why SU might be
a great fit for you. [MUSIC PLAYING]