My EXAMS STUDY Routine – STUDENT HACKS | #Tips #Sketch #MyMissAnand

November 28, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

As our Exams going on So today I’ve brought a video related to it if you want to wish me the same then turn this grey LIKE button to blue and get this video to 2,00,000 LIKES So lets get started what happened with while I am studying on bed is this happens with you too so instead you need to sit on a comfortable chair this doesn’t makes you feel sleepy and you can concentrate better & yeah that place should be lighted & ventilated well Entertainment too is necessary during exam time but avoid phones and TV Instead you should play outside or have fun with your friends OMG!! so many pages everyone has a least favourite subject so I’ll tell you my personal favourite hack for this you can study combining your favourite & least favourite subject If you do so then you’ll concentrate far better and this doesn’t make your study monotonous if you want you can study combining your theoretical & practical subject after my routine sit to study at 1:00 ohh it 3:00 studied a lot now lets go now studied continuously for 2 hours so break is necessary for us so I can refresh myself during this break I eat during it or play with my favourite toys or dancing too now sit to study again need to learn the Monuments in Social studies how should I learn these? its so difficult!! so what should I do? lets search it online Online research makes it easy to get all the information within minutes as these are in picture form make us learn for long so I’ve learnt them so easily and now its gonna be easy to describe in exams its too boring to learn long paragraphs so you should learn it making tables or diagrams or use colourful sticky notes this helps our brain to organise information well its important to have a good sleep during exams time this refreshes our brain now I am full if you eat too much you feel sleepy or lazy so you need to take in small quantity and have healthy food like these items are good for our brain so need to consume these food items during exam time if you too get confused like me while learning there’s an easy trick for this so how easy to learn with this trick if you too have some trick to learn. let us know in the comments And in the last without having any stress take blessing from my elders and then go for my Exam so thats all with today’s video if you found these hacks useful do let me know in the comment section