My best friend from college – International Student Interview

December 11, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Hi today I’m interviewing my friend Hamza over here. Hi I’m Hamza I’m 21 years old I’m from Morocco, Rabat and I’m from Neoma Business School
university in Rouen, France. What’s your major? Oh my major is
international business but here it’s basically marketing, I don’t know why.
So I’ll ask you a few questions today So what was kind of the first thing you
noticed when you came here to the United States culturally? Oh I feel like people
are different they more easy to talk they are easier to talk like you can
basically talk to people more easily they’re nicer. Than in
Europe? Yeah are you know are stressed every day they have a stressful life, but here
you feel like they are more relaxed and you know more open to talk to people? Exactly. What
would you suggest for international students that may be coming here for the first
time or is just struggling culturally? Well I would tell them that it’s a big
opportunity for them to come to the u.s. and it’s one of the greatest countries
in the world you gotta take the best out of it and you know just have to be more
open minded and… Okay so what about the school system
obviously you went to school in Africa in Europe
how is North America and the US different than those countries? I would
say they have homework. More homework? more homework, no just homework. Oh
okay. In France and even North Africa Morocco you just have one final
exam at the end of the semester it’s a good thing and it’s a bad thing because it’s a
good thing for serious students who actually go… Not like me and you?
Exactly and you know in North America you have homework you always like update
it you know what you’re doing in the class but sometimes like in France you
you know… Some students that I already interview said that they feel
like it’s easier here but you have to do more things for longer. Exactly. I had an
example of Indian student that says they only have one exam at the end of the
semester so some students would not study at all and
then the last two weeks they would study a lot. Right.
It’s like they’re in France too? Um yeah I would say that. Okay so that’s kinda different.
But even in France you have private schools and public schools. Public schools
are like universities and private schools is more like you know schools, you know? But for public schools you have like one exam at the end of the semester and you
don’t have anyone homework you just if you don’t show up to class nobody cares but
in private school there is you know you need there’s an attendance… and is your
university a public school? No a private So would you say this
school is easier, harder, better, worse, or just different in a way? I would say
different because it’s not easy and it’s not hard it’s not better but it’s not
worse I would just say different. Okay definitely.
So obviously this school has fifteen and a half thousand students about ten
percenter international students do you spend a lot of time with international
students and how do you feel about communicating with people from other
countries? I actually met a lot of foreign people like
at the start first semester I met with like German
people I didn’t like match you know I wasn’t feeling well with them then I met
you you know some American friends and I got along with them. Okay but besides
like we hang out all the time we live on the same floor. Do you hang out with
other international students? Uh yes I met from Bahrain that’s an Asian country
between Saudi Arabia and United Emirates we used to hang out a lot, but I don’t know these days we don’t it’s just mostly me and you okay. So but you feel
okay you never had a problem communicating with international students? No no I
feel like they’re the nicest Okay… they just try to make friends
and you know enjoy the most of their time here. So okay what about have you
met any student from Morocco here? Yes I met one he left for the second semester
I don’t know where he went but he was a CA community advisor we talked
a lot he was like I think I think he went to internship in Boston Massachusetts
yeah he just actually basically introduced me to the life of Minnesota State University. Okay and was he just a sophomore here? He was a senior
Senior he was already here for three years?
Yes. So did you feel like he helped you a lot in is it helpful to have
people from your country when you travel abroad? Of course always helps you know
you get homesick and I’m with him talking like the Moroccan dialect
made me feel better cause it’s normal after two months you feel homesick you feel bad
you know the excitement of the beginning fades away. So what
about some we have for example a lot of Nepali people and I see them just being in
big groups they don’t go and talk to other international students or
Americans do you feel like they’re missing out?
They’re missing out a lot of stuff so you recommend having somebody to help
you but then again branch out and try to experience…
Even the Moroccan friend that I had I would just talk to him you know cause he’s Moroccan but I would not hang out with him I would rather hang out with American
people or Serbian people you know. Okay so what about spending time with American
students obviously on our floor it’s me you and two of our friends that we mostly hang
out with but you interact with American students everyday yeah we’re obviously
in America so how do you feel about that? I like it you know they’re great people.
Next question is obviously we’re recording this in your
dorm room you live in the dorm well you chose not to live off campus a lot of
students international students choose to live off campus you get bigger
rooms more privacy it costs less usually why did you choose to live on campus and
what are some of the benefits to that? I would say I always wanted to experience
the American Way of life and American dorm life yeah. The benefit is like you obviously don’t have to make your own food that’s like a big plus
and you get to be a lot of people you get to meet like your closest friends that’s how I met you guys the downside is that sometimes you just want your privacy and
when you share a room with somebody just yeah but it’s worth it’s totally worth
it. And all the classes are closer too yeah if you live in the dorms okay. So
what are some of your favorite activities what do you like to do on
campus? Obviously since I live in Europe its soccer I like to play soccer with
friends yeah we played volleyball volleyball
yeah other sports. What about did you go to the movie theater here? Uh no oh yeah
actually yeah We went there a few times. I went once
it was great, and I usually just hang out with you guys you know just
play video games and talk. yeah not everybody wants to go around
and do all the activities we have sometimes it’s just nicer to we played
pool we go to the Bullpen we play pool there, we bowl.
Yeah there is a lot to do. So do you work and how important do you
think is it for international students to work? That’s one of my regrets here is that I
didn’t work because I feel like working in the US even in the most basic jobs is a big plus on your CV and you know it makes you feel even more responsible
it helps you grow up. And you felt like you had the time to do that? Yes, yes and no. You know because if I if I work I would not go to the classes I
would not be… you wouldn’t have enough time to do everything you wanted? Exactly. So
do you feel like it’s very important for international students… Yes. And you would
recommend other students to work? Yes you should go and work. Okay um
so next question is how did you hear about MSU Mankato and why did you choose
to come to this specific place? Okay so basically my third year back in France
you have to it’s mandatory to go for an
exchange year not in France and not in your country of origin
like not Morocco so basically just make a wish list of
your, the university you want to go to in the exchange year I like put
all the American University because it was a dream of mine since I was a kid to
go to the US and you know live in the US so I put all the university in the US on
top of the list. And you got chosen to come here? Yes That’s thanks to my ranking because you actually get what you want based on how high you are on the ranking. So how many
students which one were you on the list? I was, what… sorry How many students were
on the list? 300. And which one were you on the list? 25th. 25th so that’s top 10% that’s very
high. that’s very high because that it’s very hard to go to university in US
Everyone wants to go from France? Okay so okay a year has passed would you
recommend people to come here why or why not?
And how satisfied are you with the school here? Yeah definitely I would
recommend to come to MSU because it’s a great you know a great place when you
can meet great people do some great activities learn a lot, the classes are
actually really good I liked it. So yeah after one year I’m totally satisfied I
met great people and I learned a lot in my classes and stuff. We’re actually recording
this on the second-to-last day so tomorrow is the last day you we can move
out and it’s Hamza’s 21st birthday tomorrow so bit too late but… um you’re
traveling after this correct? Yes. Where are you going to? I’m going on a road trip
to San Francisco then Los Angeles and Las Vegas then
Cuba and then then going back to Miami and from Miami to Casablanca in
Morocco. Okay so would you recommend maybe international students I know a
lot Japanese students Korean students traveled during spring break students
that have done the same thing as you did so just they went here for one year. Would
you recommend students to do that? Of course and I would recommend you know to all
the students who’s planning on coming here to travel all
around the country because it’s a big chance for us to come to the u.s. and
to actually try and improve you know try to make an
effort and talk to people even if you have an accent, you can see
that I have an accent but I still try you know you just have to you know make
an effort on yourself Yeah definitely. So what would be something that you would recommend for students that are coming here to do that you didn’t do this year? Like I said
try to get a job even the most basic job, just get a job.
Just get a, you know, like you did… and you know like I said do not be afraid of talking to people it’s also for your English if you’re not a native speaking, speaker. You gotta force yourself to talk in English
and to improve your accent and your English in general. Definitely.
And yeah, go work… and study hard. Yeah that’s it. So did you feel like you weren’t open here
the first few weeks that you were here? I gotta say when I heard first week people you know, how Americans talk… they just yell, they have no shame. When you have an accent you’re like just afraid to talk, you’re ashamed, but then you know when you actually force yourself force yourself to talk even if they don’t get understand what you’re saying in the first place you just like work on it and…
And now you feel like at least us, your closest friends, we have no problem talking to you… Sometimes I mispronounce words. Yeah it does happen and we do make fun of him, but… Not fun of him, fun with him I would say… Thank you for the interview, if you guys have any questions if you guys have any questions for my friend Hamza COMMENT below and be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE. Bye. Later, skater. force yourself absolve even if you don’t
get understand where you’re seeing the first place you just just like work on
it and and now you feel like elite off like your closest friends we have no
problem talking to you and I’ve been done experience yeah it does happen and
we do make fun others but in not prevail yeah yeah okay
so yeah thank you for the interview if you guys have any questions if you guys
have any questions for my friend um look comment below and be sure to LIKE and
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