Murray State Ranked by U.S. News & World Report

October 28, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Murray State University has once again
been recognized by USNews and World Report’s best colleges as one of the top
schools in the country the 2016 rankings list Murray State in the top ten public
regional universities in the south and marks the university’s 25th consecutive
year of top-tier rankings by the college guide here to speak about this
prestigious recognition we welcome Murray State President dr. Bob Davies Dr
Davies thank you for joining me today well thank you page how are you doing
today I’m great how are you fantastic it’s a great day to be a racer
absolutely and I know 25 years wow you must be so proud oh absolutely I think when you think
about traditions when you think about excellence to have a stretch in which
our university Murray State University has received that accolade from a
national organization that really has put in a argue about the rankings in the
way they do and all those different kinds of things but they really try to
fine tune the methodology and those to determine how do you recognize and
reward excellence and universities and former State University 488 25 years a
quarter of a century to to be ranked I look at it from a different perspective
when I look at our freshmen and sophomores juniors are particularly
we’ve been ranked longer than they’ve been alive in most cases and again that
is an amazing feeling and an incredible part to be a part of such an
organization such a university and what do you think Murray State does every
year to be recognized over and over again with focusing on what we do best
and that’s teaching learning and serving stands when we were able to walk through
our campus and and highlight how professors and staff are interacting
with our students on an ongoing and he and that the daily basis that puts us at
the top of of those rankings where we have
professors at the top of their own academic game where there are leading in
scholarship with leading research when they take their pedagogical skills very
very seriously and are always asking not not not how I can teach better but how
can I make sure our students are learning and how can I change my own
techniques as as a teacher to make sure that the meeting the needs of the
students those are the elements that put us I think it above and beyond many other universities I’m very proud
of our number 9 ranking don’t get me wrong I think that’s very important but
2000 that first of other direction that came out by USNews in your report i
think is actually more every year they always have special segments in this
year Murray State University was ranked sixth in an intimate undergraduate
education the other five universities and we’re
actually tied for sixth with two other universities but the other five
universities that were listed in are seeing in that same category while
privates so we are the top-ranked university focused in on undergraduate
education and to me that something extremely important and yes great number
nine overall but to be the number one public focus on undergraduate education
speaks volumes absolute volumes again about our faculty
or staff in moreover our students that they commitment dedication of our
faculty staff to her students but the same time or star students taking that
charge and and into being a part of that we all know education is not a one-way
street it’s two-way having that magical mix between the professor and a student
again supported by an outstanding stat that is what makes us that number one
charge of undergraduate education and also when I think about that number 9
ranking 25 years in a row I have two thoughts one don’t screw it up people moving forward to me that take
that very seriously but on the other side is how do we get from number nine
number seven number five the number of number three and continue to move
forward are implementing our strategic plan that
has 24 commitments to the academic quality of academic quality of our
university research and scholarship the activities of not only our faculty but
also over of our students as well focus including student success and how
we being case within our community and making sure that would help with
economic the cultural and civic elements of the areas that we serve to me when we
start feeling all of those pledges and promises we will be moving from number
nine number 72 number 52 number three and upward so it’s an exciting time to
be here it’s exciting time to be a racer I love the fact that we as a university
pride ourselves on the excellence pride ourselves on helping students and to
move that forward in a very progressive manner I’m just very very excited
overpass more excited about where we’re heading as a university can’t wait to
see where that takes us from here on out thank you so much for joining us today coming to speak about this great honor
well thank you page and thank you for being wonderful yourself