MSc Clinical Management of Pain: Margaret Baggott | College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

October 21, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Hi. My name is Margaret Baggott and I work as a clinical nurse specialist in pain management within the acute hospital setting. My main motivation for undertaking the MSc in Pain Management was so that I could increase my own knowledge base and so improve the quality of care that I was giving to patients. I was keen to undertake a course where the education would facilitate the diversity of the role in which I work, and also where the teaching was delivered by tutors who were actually working within the field of pain management. And certainly I found that the compulsory and the elective modules provided a very balanced education and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also benefited from a bursary from the department which enabled me to continue on the course. Obviously when taking on a course such as this, one of the main concerns is ‘How much time will I need to devote to study?’ and I completed the Masters over two years, so it’s definitely achievable but I would say that that takes quite a bit of time and commitment from both – it took quite a bit of time and commitment from both myself and from my family. I enjoyed and benefited most probably from two particular aspects of the course, and that was the multidisciplinary online discussion, because there I had opportunity to work with colleagues from various disciplines, such as pharmacists, GPs, and I think this helped to increase my communication skills within the team. I also enjoyed the modules where there were DVDs and videos, because I think this helped to highlight the practical aspects of the course, and definitely kept it very patient-focused. I know that since completing the course that this Masters has enabled me to secure the employment which I’m now in. It exposed me to a wealth of knowledge and research in pain management that I’ve been able to use in clinical practice. And it also gave me the opportunity to work with colleagues from allied professions who were around the world – and I would never have had that opportunity otherwise.