MI GRADO! – VLOG ||  My graduation vlog

MI GRADO! – VLOG || My graduation vlog

October 19, 2019 6 By Stanley Isaacs

oof… okay we’re here because I have a sacred duty she cant stop laughing its so awkward I have a sacred duty with this University You should include that type of footage in your youtube videos that’s what I’m doing go back in again isn’t it a restaurant? it’s a hotel After a few hours, we arrived at Bogotá but I was too tired to keep filming Laura María Gabelo Lara the banner now read the banner
(my dad said “let me look at the banner”) the “banner”
(that’s why we’re calling my diploma a banner lol) what does the banner say the banner Designer there are only two Laura Marías in this University only two? only two Laura Marías
(my name is just too damn common) Congratulations started recording vlogs so I recorded like… random parts yes, make a video of your graduation we’re here cause I have a sacred duty she can’t stop laughing no, it’s just so awkward I have a sacred duty with this University the first day I came here to do this so… the day of my graduation i have to do this okay look at her come on!
-are you ready? ready? last day first day being a professional Pashu Gabelo go on, go on! to the bottom! keep going! keep going! bottom! bottom! I’m too wet already what do you mean lol halp oh no okay what did the last experience feel like? e c s t a s y oh god so embarrasing anything to say? people do this, relax I did it! first and last day… this should become a tradition we should do it it’s cold- oop okay we’re not drunk yet, Lau anything else you want to do?
somewhere you wanna go? give the Bobo a kiss let’s go how do I get up? I’m scared I really don’t know I’m dizzy! no, no! no? kiss! wait, I want people to see that with light pulls out the flashlight… so fancy I can’t reach lol Saint Alberto Magno getting Pashu’s love we did it any more words you want to say here in the third floor of block B? we have to go to the den! did you know that it became the nucleus?
(dont know how to translate that ish lol) yes, but it doesnt matter okay we’ll follow your path form here to the den cha cha cha chan it’s said you can hear the whimpers of people that failed physics what class did you hate the most? video and the one you liked the most? the one I liked the most… Estudio 5, creative direction here the Lleras [building] turn on the light cha cha cha chan bruh I had not come here for a very long time I havent been here in all semester, I just came here once this classroom lived many experiences with us I love you guys we love you too, Lau good bye!
cha cha cha chan good bye, den! good bye, den I will film you until you go out oh no oh yes oh no you’ll edit this with the class you hated the most you have the tools to edit this thing that’s the problem, they didnt give us tools no? the dude didnt teach us how to edit he didn’t teach us lightning he didn’t teach us frames nothing? the last exit of Pashu the day of her graduation doesn’t work from the other side? it doesn’t want you to go epic fail but it’s so weird- oh, it worked you’re still not properly in the system I’m recording! hey, love say hi to Lau’s vlog! really?! it’s my first vlog! they’re celebrating my graduation and they made this Rodri! let’s go Rodri! wtf those aren’t nachos those are Choclitos those are Choclitos, baby is this a reunion of people from los Andes? lol two of yours so sad the person that cut this… let me tell you do you have your graduation pics there? nope why not? you recorded her spanking me lol hug me and tell me you love me hug me so, are you single, Pashu? the questions Abe makes… what’s that question? lol yes or no?! what happened- why are you being so embarrasing he’s embarrasing me so bad lol she’s so red, dude ew, dude [too awful to show] are you aware your daughter… is Stalin…? [are you aware] that your daughter is giving birth to the antichrist? I liked that one and the Stalin one dude, is that a potato peeler? yes the other option is with a lighter Majo, your face will be showing lol oh no this is thermodynamic probably where’s Juan so he can explain why it does that be careful I told you! dumb! relax, I didnt get cut you were going to stab yourself after various failed attempts this is the wine it’s gonna taste like coffee then it was time to go here what’s interesting is I’m tricking you all and I’m recording video thanks to everyone, today was an amazing day