Meet Timea from Romania – an international student studying at Kingston University

September 22, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Hello, my name is Timea and I am from Romania. I am proud of being a third year student at
Kingston University studying Business Economics. After doing my Erasmus scholarship here, I
just fell in love with this place and in December I was thinking what should
I do to stay here more. Instead of going home I decided to stay here
and to study here and to apply for the next year and try to
get in my third year. I was successfully accepted so now I’m happy
to know that starting with the next year I can go on with
my studies here at Kingston University. Er, what I love the most about Kingston is
that it’s not that busy as a capital, but whenever I want to, to, to go in a different
town I could say, I just take the train and in half an hour
I am in Central London. I love the thing that it is on the riverside;
that we can organise with my friends, some come and lunch meetings on the riverside, just have a day when we are doing nothing
or just go to shop. Kingston is, is the place of my dreams I could
say. Beside of the lecturers and the seminars we
do at the University, there is a range of societies you can join
and, which give you the possibility to network
with people; to meet different people who might become
your employer in the future. Also the LRC, the learning centre, can help
you to get a deeper understanding in your field and to try to find a different approaching
your subjects. During my first months of starting at Kingston,
I attended the English Development Scheme, which was a credit module which helped me
to get a better understanding about the English educational system and also
helped me to write an essay in a British way. The life in Kingston is just great. I love here everything and like approve, I’ve decided to change my short term plans
and move to Kingston University when I had other plans to go on with my studies
in Romania. I like the most here that time passes so quickly
and that you’re involved in so many things that you cannot think about the fact that
you’re bored or you don’t have anything to do. I like the fact that instead of feeling outside
the circle, you give the colour to London that you’re
a multi-cultural background. I felt really supported by the University
with the different events and the introduction week which was organised
by them. Also I should add that they had the pick-up
service which helped me to get from the airport into
a place I have never been. I really enjoyed the two weeks and I think
it was a really good idea that they made these two weeks be, er, before
the courses started; that they catered for just international students because in this way we got familiarised with
the place; we met different people and we had the chance
to meet and to make some friendships which ever lasted
until now. My experience is, from Kingston University
changed completely my life. I’ve just decided from one day to another
that I want to go on with my life in UK so I moved here. Now I’m happy to know that at least a couple
of years I must stay here, far away from home, but surrounded with many
people who are in the same place as me, so this makes me more confident about staying
here. I feel that my greatest achievement being
at Kingston University is that I got on my own feet; even though I was quite independent all of
my life, I just felt here that I rely just on myself
and what I do, how I do my bed, I will sleep in it. I am really positive about the fact that I
would recommend Kingston University to anybody who loves a multi-cultural environment;
who loves a nice town with a riverside; who loves to go out but also to do a good
job at the University. Kingston University is really appreciated
at a National level and it’s also appreciated by me.