Master’s programmes –  School of Education, University of Bristol

Master’s programmes – School of Education, University of Bristol

October 17, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

My name is Helen Manchester and I am
the M Level Portfolio Director and also the MSc Programme Director
in the School of Education. We have four different Master’s programmes
at the University of Bristol. One is the MSc Education which has
nine pathways underneath it which you can look up online;
they are very diverse pathways that are very established
in terms of how we run them. We also have the MSc Psychology of Education which is accredited by the
British Psychological Society And the MSc in TESOL which is Teaching English to
Speakers of Other Languages The fourth programme that we offer
is the MSc in Educational Research which is particularly geared towards
people who want to go onto study for a PhD; probably with us
but could be at any other institution. The School of Education itself
is a really friendly place all the staff and students get on
really well together. We have a very strong
intellectual environment here where we encourage students
to come along to seminars and to get involved in research projects. Generally there is a vibrant atmosphere here that I think all our students
really flourish within.